Conor Backman (b.1988) earned BFAs in Sculpture and Painting from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2011. Backman co-founded Reference Art Gallery in Richmond, VA, which operated from 2009-2012.


b.1988 lives and works in Hudson, NY.


2011 BFA, Virginia Commonwealth University, Sculpture and Extended Media
2011 BFA, Virginia Commonwealth University, Painting and Printmaking


A Clock and Map Minute, University Art Museum, University at Albany, SUNY Minium Paintings, Super Dakota, Brussels

Circular Garden, Reynolds Gallery, Richmond, VA
A Reflective Eyeball, Smart Objects, Los Angeles, CA

late painter/new paint, Retrospective, Hudson, NY
Emiter, James Fuentes, New York, NY

Mrs. Fibonacci’s Traditional False Color Broccoli with Orange Sauce, Annarumma, Naples, Italy
Incident Report Viewing Station, Hudson, NY


Andrew Gehr West Scholarship, VCU Painting Department Faculty Award, 2011
Dean’s Scholarship, VCU School of the Arts, Spring 2010
Honors Painting, VCU Department of Painting and Printmaking, Fall 2009
Charles Renick Scholarship, VCU Sculpture Department, Spring 2009
Tyler Binsted Scholarship, VCU Sculpture Department, Spring 2008
VCU Provost Scholarship, 2007

His photo-realistic paintings, assemblages, and sculptures carefully reproduce and re- contextualize the detritus and ephemera of the studio and popular culture. His work blurs narratives and layers references, often combining painted imagery with physical objects that function as analogues to the problems and procedures of both representational and abstract painting.