Gordon Stettinius’ work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, his photography can be found in both private and public collections, and he is a winner of the 2009 Theresa Pollak award for Excellence in the Arts. Stettinius is represented by Robin Rice Gallery in New York and Page Bond Gallery in Richmond, Virginia. He is also an emeritus member of 1708 Gallery in Richmond, Virginia.

In 2010, Stettinius decided to start up an independent publishing company, Candela Books, which released its first fine art photography book, a monograph of photographer Gita Lenz. An exhibition of Lenz’ work opened concurrently at Gitterman Gallery in New York. In 2011, Stettinius published the fourth book, Salt & Truth. from American photographer Shelby Lee Adams. Currently, Candela is working on its third and fourth titles.

In 2011, Candela Gallery was founded opening with exhibitions to support Candela’s first book titles but quickly filling its schedule with photographers of national reputation. The gallery is located in the downtown arts district in a newly renovated building.

Stettinius is also currently teaching as an adjunct professor at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Born Richmond, VA, 1966


B.A. Studio Art / B.A. History, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

Solo Exhibitions
Mangini Studio, with Terry Brown, Images Vevey festival, Vevey Switzerland
Rayko’s Annual Plastic Camera Show, featured artist, Rayko, San Francisco, CA

Mangini Studio, a collaboration with Terry Brown, Page Bond Gallery, Richmond, VA

Signals, Saints and Side Roads, Robin Rice Gallery, New York, NY, 2014
Mangini Studio Series, a collaboration with Terry Brown, Page Bond Gallery, Richmond, VA

Route 1, Robin Rice Gallery, New York, NY
Route 1, Page Bond Gallery, Richmond, VA

Super Natural!, West Of the Moon, Flagstaff AZ

Recent Work, Robin Rice Gallery, NY

Low Fidelity, Capital One Galleries, Richmond, VA

Circus Royale, Page Bond Gallery, Richmond, VA

12 Pictures, Collegiate Gallery, Richmond, VA

Emotional Accessories, Occupied Space, Minneapolis, MN

Elvis Has Left the Building, Hopkins Cent. for Arts., MN
No Mistakes…, Occupied Space, Minneapolis. MN

Recent Work, Bero Gallery, Tucson, AZ

Crash Test, Congress St. Gallery, Tucson, AZ

25 Drawings, The Adobe, San Francisco, CA

2-3 Person Exhibitions

Mangini Studio, a collaboration with Terry Brown, Capital One, Richmond, VA

Mangini Studio, a collaboration with Terry Brown, Davis Orton Gallery, Hudson, NY

Super Natural!, Page Bond Gallery, Richmond, VA,

Signal to Noise, Red Door Galerie, Zurich, Switzerland

Naked Pilgrim, 1708 Gallery, Richmond, VA

Mental Block Party, Artspace, Richmond, VA

Diaz & Stettinius, Blue Sky, Portland, OR

Last Picture Show, Coincidence Gallery, Richmond, VA

Down Home, Occupied Space, Minneapolis, MN

Bride of Cheap Camerawork, Bero Gallery, Tucson, AZ

Horses in the Hair Salon, f/x, Tucson, AZ
Little Ghost Melting Ice, S & M, Tucson, AZ
Cheap Camerawork, Bero Gallery, Tucson, AZ

Flesh, Fetish & Fragment, Film in the Cities, St. Paul, MN

Selected Group Exhibitions

Southern Icons, Slow Exposures, Molena, GA

Mangini Studio installation with Terry Brown, Boyd Satellite Gallery, New Orleans, LA
Politico Popup, New Orleans Art Center, New Orleans, LA

Hidden in Plain Site, Page Bond Gallery, Richmond, VA
Annual Plastic Camera Show, Rayko, San Francisco, CA
Wondrous Indeed, Center for Fine Art Photography, Colorado Springs, CO
Krappy Kamera, Soho Photo Gallery, NY

Mangini Studio Series, Virginia Museum of Fine Art, Richmond, VA
Soar, Jennifer Schwartz Gallery, Atlanta, GA

Portrayal/Betrayal, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, CA
Snail Mail, Museum of Fine Art Houston
I’ll Be Your Mirror, HomeSpace, New Orleans
Land Not Lost, Staniar Gallery, W&L, Lexington

Southern Memories, Griffin, GA
The American Dream, NOPA, New Orleans, LA
Click, Glave Kocen Gallery, Richmond, VA

Pictures of People, Visual Arts Center, Portsmouth, VA

Collectible, Wallspace, Seattle, WA

Cheap Shots, Photo Center NW, Seattle, WA
Acts of Faith, Rotterdam, Netherlands

More!, Plant Zero, Richmond, VA

Radius 250, Artspace, Richmond, VA

Photo Play, Angel City, Santa Monica, CA
Advance/Recede, C.A.C., Glen Allen, VA
Summer Show, Robin Rice Gallery, New York, NY

Summer Show, Robin Rice Gallery, New York, NY
Think Small II, Artspace Gallery, Richmond, VA
Memory, Rourke Museum, Moorhead, MN

Summer Show, Robin Rice Gallery, NY
Cont. Photo. in VA, Roanoke Art Museum, Roanoke, VA

Flow of Language, William Woodward Gall, Cincinnati, OH
Summer Show, Robin Rice Gallery, New York, NY
International Plastic, Tincher Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
Fresh Works, 1708 Gallery, Richmond, VA

Virginia Connections, 1708 Gallery Richmond, VA

Toy Stories, Orange County Center for the Arts, Los Angeles, CA
Art of Communication, Coincidence, Richmond, VA

Recent Acquisitions, Photos Do Not Bend, Dallas, TX
Plastic Fantastic, E3 Gallery, New York, NY

Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minneapolis, MN
National Juried Exhibition, Phoenix Gallery, NY
National Juried Exhibition, 1708 Gallery, Richmond, VA
The Horse Show, Sylvia White, Los Angeles, CA
Shots, Afterimage Gallery, Houston, TX
Secret Museums, Rourke Museum, Moorhead, MN
Father’s Day Show, Parts Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
Reframing Tradition, C.A.W., New Haven, CT
Going to the Dogs, Nash Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

Bride of Cheap Camerawork, Bero Gallery, Tucson, AZ
Arizona Photographers 2, Polaroid Gall., Tokyo, Japan
Blue Light Invitational, Mars Artspace, Phoenix, AZ

Annual Exhibition, Photo Metro, Oakland, CA
La Phoeniquera, Mars Artspace, Phoenix, AZ
Interrogating the Other, Hoodoo Theatre, Tucson, AZ

Small Works Salon, Red Eye Gallery, Tucson, AZ

Grants, Awards, Festivals
2016 Mangini Studio featured at Images Vevey photography festival, Vevey, Switzerland,
2015 Mangini Studio featured at Les Rencontres d’Arles, photography festival, Arles, France
2009 Theresa Pollack Award, Excellence in the Arts
2004 Golden Light Award, Maine Workshops
2003 Golden Light Award, Maine Workshops
1995 Exhibition Grant, Polaroid Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Permanent Collections
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, VA
Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, CA
Capital One, Richmond, Virginia
Mariners Museum, Newport News, VA
Rourke Art Gallery Museum, Moorhead, MN
Longwood University, Farmville, VA
Photo Media Center, Erie, PA
Collection Photographica, Malmo, Sweden
John Cleary Collection, Houston, Texas

Visiting Artist
Corcoran School of the Arts, Washington D.C.
University of South Carolina
Hampden Sydney College
Virginia Commonwealth University
Visual Art Center, Richmond, VA
Minneapolis Community College, Minneapolis, MN
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Professional Experience

Founder/Director, Candela Gallery

Founder/Publisher, Candela Books

Emeritus Member, 1708 Gallery

1991 – present
Freelance photographer / Fine artist

Adjunct Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

2017 SPE, National Convention, lecturer, Orlando, FL
2016 Photo Alliance, presenter, San Francisco, CA
2016 LOOK3, Education/Professional Practices, presenter, Charlottesville, VA
2010-16   Critical Mass, Reviewer
2015 Juror, Size Matters, Medium festival exhibition, San Diego, CA
2015 Portfolio Reviewer, Medium, San Diego, CA
2015 TEDxRVA, presenter, with Terry Brown
2015 Juror, Showcase 8, C4FAP, Fort Collins, CO
2015 Maine Media Workshops, Masters Series Lecture
2015 Maine Media Workshops, Workshop Instructor
2015 Publisher, Direct Positive, by Willie Anne Wright
2015 Portfolio Reviewer, Filter Festival, Chicago, IL
2015 Portfolio Reviewer, Review Santa Fe, NM
2015 Portfolio Reviewer, ACP, Atlanta, GA
2014 Juror, This May Have Happened, Filter Festival exhibition, Chicago, IL
2014 Publisher, Black Forest, edited by Russell Joslin
2014 Publisher, Mangini Studio
2013 Portfolio Reviewer, Photo Lucida
2013 Portfolio Reviewer, LOOK3 Festival
2013 Publisher, Sunburn, by Chris McCaw
2013 Juror, CURRENTS, Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans
2012 Portfolio Reviewer, PhotoNOLA, New Orleans
2012 Portfolio Reviewer, FotoWeekDC
2012 Portfolio Reviewer, ACP, Atlanta, GA
2011 Portfolio Reviewer, PhotoNOLA, New Orleans
2011 Publisher, Salt & Truth ,by Shelby Lee Adams
2010 Portfolio Reviewer, PhotoNOLA, New Orleans
2010 Editor/Writer/Publisher, Gita Lenz
2008 Guest Editor, Light Leaks Magazine (March Issue)
2007 Juror, Artworks, PhotoShow, Richmond, VA
2006 Juror, Artworks, All Media Show, Richmond, VA
2004 Juror, Governor’s Award, Richmond, VA
2004 SPE, SE Regional, presenter, Richmond, VA
2003 Panelist for Virginia Commission for the Arts Fellowship Awards
1998 Vision Quest, workshop instructor, Wisconsin


Notes from U.S. Route 1

“There are two kinds of adventurers: those who go truly hoping to find adventure and those who go secretly hoping they won’t.”

~  William Least Heat Moon

Notes from U.S. Route 1 is an ongoing photographic survey of an historic American highway running from Fort Kent, Maine along the Canadian border down over 2,000 miles to Key West, Florida and connecting most of the major cities along the east coast.

After it was superceded by U.S. Interstate 95 in the 1950’s as the main north-south thoroughfare on the east coast, Route 1 has been evolving the character of the blue highways that William Least Heat Moon wrote so entertainingly about.  Traveling these roads, a person will find mostly two lanes throughout, with the occasional interruption by a turnpike or major thoroughfare around the larger cities.

If you happen to have an interest in the state of this nation – and you should – then all the vital signs of our economy and social condition can be found along Route 1.  Tensions abound, of course, but so does beauty.  Pastoral scenes are punctuated by urban blight.  Religion is found alongside temptation.  Cafes and vegetable stands and city parks versus fast food and strip clubs and roadside attractions.  Motorcycles and local traffic and semi-trailers and congestion.  The highways giveth and the bigger highways have taken away.  Some places along Route 1 seem to have reclaimed their dignity by not succumbing to the crush of commerce and the lure of the tourist dollar while some places seem as though they have become profoundly distressed and inhospitable.  But no matter who you are, you have to stop occasionally and stretch your legs.

Awash in nostalgia and the ghosts of tourism from decades past, you drive this collection of secondary roads and you experience a slight temporal shift…  time bends and memories of childhood vacations come to mind, memories of college roadtrips, places that remind you of other places…  Instead of feeling isolated while hurtling down any major interstate, on the slow roads in the summertime, with no real destination, you can put the windows down and stop whenever you like.  Whenever you hear the lonesome call of a pool table or need a shot of caffeine.

Where to stop is the perpetual question.  There is always the sense of adventure when driving a long distance.  But adventure can be a bit like the angel over your shoulder whereas intellectual laziness and corporate homogeny will be the devils perched on your other shoulder, and always they are slugging it out… What should it be?  A small probably clean and possibly charming local hotel for the night?  Or maybe the predictably adequate but generally innocuous Super 8 down the road? A café named for Dixie Lee?  Or the Starbucks that seems like it is actually following you around?  Choices.  The traveler on slow roads has all manner of choices.  And so the trip comes to resemble its maker.