Interview with Jaydan Moore

Enjoy our interview with artist Jaydan Moore about his current sculptural practice. Jaydan is known for repurposing silver plated platers and other materials to create stunning prints and sculptures.

William Wylie in Epoch Times

" It’s an old idea, but you cannot escape the importance of time, the precise moment, and being in the right place in photography." Enjoy this great interview with photographer William Wylie on his artistic practice and series photographing Pompeii. Pompeii Time: An interview with photographer William Wylie


Enjoy this inteview with William Wylie at his studio in Charlottesville, VA. His exhibition The Edge of Space is on view through February 16, 2019.


Special thanks to Nicholas Seitz for filming a look into Isa Newby Gagarin's artistic practice. Isa received her MFA in 2018 from Painting and Printmaking at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Studio Visit With Fiona Ross

Special thanks to Double Take for this interview with Fiona Ross at her studio in Richmond, VA.

Peri Schwartz NPR Interview

Listen to gallery artist Peri Schwartz talk about her work and current exhibition at Murray State Unversity on NPR here.

Alison Cooley Interviewed on Tappan

Read a great interview with gallery artist Alison Cooley about her process featured on Tappan Collective.

Peri Schwartz on artBusiness News

Read a great interview with gallery artist Peri Schwartz about her 25 year artistic career. The article provides great insight to how she got started promoting her work and how she's continued to grow her presense in the art world. From Frustration to Fruition: Five Steps to the Business of Art