a group exhibition

july 16 – august 21, 2020

Page Bond Gallery is pleased to present INDEX, a group exhibition. Bringing together works that stretch the boundaries of painting in unique and specific ways, INDEX charts modes of working that both embrace and challenge abstraction. With materials spanning from stitched textiles, an image burned into a wall, metal fencing, oil paint, stretched canvas, and bricks cast in soap, formal properties and traditional painterly ideas are pushed and expanded.

Each artist approaches different ways of using these formal methods to address psychological, sociological, and political concerns that are reflective of their individual experience. Works by emerging and mid-career contemporary artists including Paolo Arao, Cudelice Brazelton, Roberto JamoraDebbi Kenote, Abigail Lucien, Kaveri Raina, and Pallavi Sen are shown alongside prints by established artists Samuel Levi Jones and Stanley Whitney.

Paolo Arao

Crush on You (Diptych), 2019

Sewn cotton, canvas, corduroy

Each panel is 24 x 18 inches


“My relationship to color is not passive. It is political, it’s personal, it’s emotional, it is felt and it is in my very being.”
– Paolo Arao

Paolo Arao

Birds in Flight (No. 4), 2019

Sewn cotton, canvas, acrylic, map pins (10 parts)

87 x 67 inches

Paolo Arao makes sewn paintings that are rooted in geometric abstraction. Paired with bold color, the works exist in a space between flags, quilts, and abstract paintings. When these textile constructions are stretched over a frame, there is both tension and softening to the shapes within them. Mending the lineage of abstraction through the use of textiles, Arao makes work that explores the elastic nature of queerness and is reflective of his Filipino-American heritage. His interests in color, labor and materiality are interwoven. Made with hand-dyed and commercial fabrics, re-purposed clothing, and weathered canvas drop cloths, the works often carry physical traces of the bodies that wore them.

Roberto Jamora

And then there was three…, 2017

Oil and beeswax on canvas

32 x 41 inches

Roberto Jamora

Blue Ridge Utopia, 2020

Acrylic and pumice medium on canvas over panel

15 x 12 inches

Roberto Jamora

Miami, June, 2019, 2020

Acrylic and pumice medium on canvas

10 x 8 inches

Roberto Jamora

Rural Parking Lots, 2020

Acrylic and pumice medium on canvas over panel

10 x 8 inches

“I attempt to commit important events in my life to memory via painting. I mine color from memory, photos, interviews, and artifacts from my family. Cold wax and oil paint are swiped across the canvas to conceal extraneous possibilities and to limit sentimentality. Simultaneously, illusionistic space is anticipated and denied. A thin trace of color is revealed.

– Roberto Jamora

Cudelice Brazelton

Applique, 2020

Singed denim on drywall

45 x 40 inches

Using abstraction as a tool for carrying struggle, Cudelice Brazelton employs found materials that hold embedded histories, both social and political. Through a combination of found fabrics, industrial felt, leather, and images of black bodies, Brazelton’s works are rich in texture and surface manipulation. There is a graceful rawness present, and especially in the delicate wall works in which a soldering tool is used to burn images referenced from barbershop haircut designs directly into the surface of the wall.

Debbi Kenote

Lightning Whelk, 2020

Acrylic and spray paint on canvas

14 x 11 inches

Debbi Kenote

Oriel Ojos, 2019

Acrylic on linen

32 x 24 inches

Debbi Kenote

Snell’s Window, 2019

Acrylic on canvas

31.5 x 31.5 inches

” I’m drawn to the shapes between shapes. I find inspiration in methods of framing and interlocking; windows, mirrors, borders, quilts, puzzles, and tiles. I use layers to create depth and mystery in a painting, overlapping colors in a similar technique to printmaking. Often the work reveals a curiosity of the world I live in, which I use as a source for shapes, color and spatial relationships. The resulting abstractions are moody, sometimes subtle, and often filled with high contrasts, between bright and dull, sharp and fuzzy, saturated and desaturated, empty and full.”

– Debbi Kenote

Abigail Lucien

Shin Guard, 2018

Oil and enamel on steel, scent infused artificial limes

21 x 48 inches

Abigail Lucien

A Song of Ascents, 2020

Soap, enamel, chicken foot, beeswax, rebar

36 x 36.5 x 5 inches

“My practice looks at ways cultural identities and inherited colonial structures transmit to the body and psyche by echoing and abstracting forms found in residential and commercial spaces. Part familiar, part foreign, the works employ an architectural vernacular – challenging systems of assimilation through material.” 

– Abigail Lucien

Samuel Levi Jones

Deeper, 2017

Flatbite and color aquatint

67 x 51 inches

Edition 14/25

Samuel Levi Jones

Sold Ya, 2017

Flatbite and color aquatint

42 x 65 inches

Edition 3/25

Samuel Levi Jones is inspired by questions of authority, representation, and recorded history. His ongoing practice centers on physically undoing objects associated with systems of power and control. Jones often rearranges deconstructed books into grid-like compositions that expose their flaws and question their assumed command of the truth. Thinking about information that is selectively left out, his works examine urgent questions of how brutality is embedded in institutional systems such as law enforcement, education, and the medical industry.

Kaveri Raina

Still, 2016

Screen print on burlap

90 x 50 inches

Using permeable materials like woven burlap and canvas, Kaveri Raina paints on both sides of the surface, playing with saturation and texture, molding color like clay. Drawing on the colors from the past, specifically familiar to her childhood in New Delhi, India, she uses a jewel-like palette to create vivid combinations and patterns.

Pallavi Sen

Salad Bowl with Komatsuna, Bok Choi, Pak Choi, Mizuna, Yukina, Sorrento, 2020

Akua Pigment Monotype on Arches 88

33 x 45 inches

Pallavi Sen

Jacket With Puff Sleeves, 2020

Akua Pigment Monotype on Arches 88

34 x 32 inches


Skirt with Wide Hips, Elastic, 2020

Akua Pigment Monotype on Arches 88

48 x 30 inches

Pallavi Sen works with installation, printmaking, textiles, Instagram, and intuitive movement. With interests spanning from the lives of birds and animals, South Asian costumes, domestic architecture, altars, deities, of woven cloth, friendship, love, her future lover, farming, eco-feminism, the gates to Indian homes, sisterhood, walking, and cooking deliberately, the scenes and imagery within Sen’s work is cacophonous and elegant. Elements flow in and out of one another, circulating within a visual ecosystem of pattern and color. Sen describes that working “in this way I can reveal much of myself without conversation, and then also, if magic is real, use the drawn form, the song, or the acting out of something as a wish or as a hope or a secular prayer towards the realisation of a desire or dream.”

Stanley Whitney

Untitled, 2019


23 1/2 x 30 inches

Edition 4/30

In his brightly colored, stacked paintings, Stanley Whitney carefully considers composition and balance. He describes his technique as a call and response flow that is similar to jazz music. Slightly disrupting the tradtional structure of the grid, his use of bold blocks of color create a dynamic visual field. Through the use of crayon and watercolor, his printed editions take on a chunky, saturated digital quality.