20 20 25: Final Days


20% OFF

We are coming to the final days of our 20 20 25 initiative to support our artists and the Feed More Fund.Thank you to everyone who has help share the initiative and purchased work. We have released one last sale catalog in an effort to reach our goal of gifting $10,000 to Feed More by May 20.

20% OFF 
Featuring work by Will Berry, Dragana Crnjak, Jennifer Eason, Mary Page Evans, Matthew Gasparek, Becky Joye, Matthew Langley, Kylie Manning, Sarah Mizer, Louise Nevelson, Kat Richards, Curtis Ripley, and Donald Sultan. 
Mathew Gasparek, Sun Salutations, 2018, Acrylic on panel, 9 x 12 inches.
Becky Joye, Bingo, 2011, Acrylic and pencil on paper, 26 x 20 inches, framed.

1. 20% discount off work by participating artists. This includes selected works in our inventory and in our current exhibitions. Each week, we will share the selected works through email and on Instagram. Artists will receive 50% of the discounted price. 25% will go to Feed More, and 25% will go to the gallery to ensure future programming.

2. From the Back Room Auction: Each week, we will choose one work and host a ONE DAY auction through our Instagram stories. The bidding will start at 8am on Tuesday of each week, and end at 9pm that evening. The auction prices may start at as low as 2/3 off of the original retail price depending on where the artist sets the start price. At the final winning bid, 50% will go to the artist, 25% to Feed More, and 25% to the gallery.

3. From the Flat Files sale: Each week, we will choose 5 works, presented in an online catalog format, from the flat files that are all priced at or below $1000. These works will directly support our artists who may have lost jobs or income sources due to CO-VID19, as well as be a more accessible option for collectors acquiring work right now. 50% of proceeds will go to Feed More and 50% will go to the artist.

One of the strongest non-profit organizations in Richmond helping to feed people during the COVID 19 pandemic is the Feed More Fund. With multiple programs, they are able to feed seniors, children, those experiencing homelessness, and those who have been furloughed or have lost their jobs. We are especially interested in supporting the work that they do for children who are now out of school and don’t have access to school lunches. Here is more information from Feed More:

Feed More collects, prepares and distributes food to neighbors in need throughout Central Virginia. With a service area that stretches across 34 counties and cities, Feed More’s comprehensive programs and network of more than 270 agencies help ensure our communities have access to healthy meals year round. With 1 in 7, or more than 47,000 children in Central Virginia not receiving the necessary nutrition, Feed More’s program like the Kids Cafe, School Market and weekend Back Pack program help ensure kids and teens across our region have the healthy meals they need to learn, grow and thrive. For more information, please visit FeedMore.org.

Participating Artists:

Isabelle Abbot, Penny Ashford, Mac Ball, Will Berry, Steve Bickley, Karen Blair, Sandy Bond, Robin Braun, Jenny Brillhart, S Ross Browne, Jim Bumgardner (From the Estate of), Kimberly Burgess, Gregg Carbo, Amy Chan, Peter Cochran, Ann Conner, Dragana Crnjak, Charlotte Culot, Fleming Cunningham, Sean Donlon, Jennifer Eason, Mary Page Evans, Enrique Figueredo, Emily Fisher, Kelcy Chase Folsom, Isa Gagarin, Mathew Gasparek, Mira Hecht, Cynthia Henebry, Frank Hobbs, Sarah Irvin, Julian Jackson, Roberto Jamora, Becky Joye, Matt Langley, Robert Llewellyn, Kylie Manning, B Millner, Sarah Mizer, Hullie Moore, Jaydan Moore, Holly Morrison, Tim O’Kane, Ruby Palmer, Lynda Ray, Kat Richards, Curtis Ripley, Charlotte Rodenberg, Fiona Ross, Michael Royce, Christine Sanford, Katie Re Scheidt, Peri Schwartz, Erling Sjovold, Nancy Murphy Spicer, Gordon Stettinius, Sayaka Suzuki, Kazaan Viveiros, Angela Franks Wells, William Wylie, Sarah Boyts Yoder