Ashley Millen

Owner + Director

A graduate of the University of Virginia, Ashley Millen holds a BA in Art History. She began exploring and collecting art during her 13 years living and working in New York City, where her career in prominent European fashion houses deepened her interest in art. Page and Ashley came together with a common interest in sharing important contemporary art with the public and supporting the talents of a range of regional, national and international artists.

Page Bond


My love of art began as an art history major in college and was fueled by an aunt’s remarkable personal collection. Works by Matisse, Degas, Calder, Picasso, plus other important modern and contemporary artists of this century captured my eye and imagination. Her collection was later gifted to the Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center at Vassar College, her alma mater.

Her legacy continues to propel my curiosity and excitement about art and artists. Her example inspires my passion to share how living surrounded by art can not only enhance and delight — it can be transformative. My greatest joy is to be a connector, linking artists to new and established collectors, and vice-versa, enriching both in the process.

The opportunity to work in this space and time, where creativity is valued, is my good fortune and privilege. With this in mind, I hope our exhibitions continue to challenge and inspire and spark a sense of wonder and surprise each and every day for all who venture onto our website or who join us in person in the gallery.

Rachel Crawford

Assistant Director

A 2022 graduate from the University of Virginia with a B.A. in Arts Administration, Media Studies, and Design, Rachel’s love of art began at a very young age with a household of creative sisters and encouragement from excellent art teachers.

While originally from Davidson, North Carolina, Rachel lived in Charlottesville, Virginia during her time at UVA and moved to Richmond post-grad in search of a blooming art scene, which she has been lucky enough to find at Page Bond Gallery.