Page Bond

Page Bond

Owner + Director

My love of art began as an art history major in college and was fueled by an aunt’s remarkable personal collection. Works by Matisse, Degas, Calder, Picasso, plus other important modern and contemporary artists of this century captured my eye and imagination. Her collection was later gifted to the Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center at Vassar College, her alma mater.

Her legacy continues to propel my curiosity and excitement about art and artists. Her example inspires my passion to share how living surrounded by art can not only enhance and delight — it can be transformative. My greatest joy is to be a connector, linking artists to new and established collectors, and vice-versa, enriching both in the process.

The opportunity to work in this space and time, where creativity is valued, is my good fortune and privilege. With this in mind, I hope our exhibitions continue to challenge and inspire and spark a sense of wonder and surprise each and every day for all who venture onto our website or who join us in person in the gallery.

Kimberly Burgess


Gallery Director, Kimberly Burgess, oversees internal administration of the gallery and assists with curatorial duties, exhibition programming and communications. Kimberly has been with the gallery since 2011, serving as Director since 2016.

She is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a degree in Photography. While her love for fine art began with black and white photographs, her experience in the gallery has led her to appreciate and understand a range of mediums. Outside of the gallery, she enjoys visiting art museums, art fairs, and galleries around the world.

Cidney-Blaine Cher

Registrar & Social Media Manager

Cidney graduated from Longwood University with a concentration in Artists Books and Printmaking. She organizes the archive and handles art within the gallery. One of her favorite things about working in the gallery is seeing how intricately each artist wraps their work.

Folk art and music are highly valued in her life. Having minored in art history, writing and reading about art and culture are also important. Within visual arts, Mose Tolliver, Egon Schiele and Belkis Ayon are some of her favorites. Susan Sontag and Joni Mitchell are also great inspirations. Outside of Page Bond Gallery, she enjoys traveling to view and create art.