2021      A View From L.A., Kim McCarty & Kelly Reemtsen
2020     The Shape of Things, Albertz Benda Ny, NY
2019      Pattern David Klein Gallery Detroit, MI
The London Original Print Fair, Lead Image and featured speaker, Royal Academy, London, UK
2018      Fix It, Lyndsey Ingram, London UK
Value, Albertz Benda. New York NY
Object, Galleri Oxholm, Copenhagen DK
2016      Over It, David Klein Gallery Detroit, MI
2015      Smashing, De Buck Gallery, New York, NY
2014      New Works, Lieven De Buck Gallery, St Paul de Vance, France
Equal Opportunity, David Klein Gallery, Birmingham MI
2013      America’s Sweetheart, De Buck Gallery, New York, NY
2012      Paper and Chalk, Skidmore Contemporary Art, Santa Monica, CA
It’s All Up To You, Adler&Co, San Francisco, CA
2011 Clean, Skidmore Contemporary Art, Santa Monica, CA
Kelly Reemtsen New Paintings, David Klein Gallery, Birmingham, MI
Circa, Skidmore Contemporary Art, Santa Monica, CA
2010      It’s My Party, Adler&Co, San Francisco, CA

I’m Not Falling For You, Skidmore Contemporary Art, Santa Monica, CA
2009 Recent Paintings, Caldwell Snyder, San Francisco, CA

Striving for Perfection, David Klein Gallery, Birmingham MI

Recent Paintings, Campton Gallery, New York, NY
2007     Recent Paintings, Caldwell Snyder, San Francisco, CA
2006    Process & Palette, Solo Show, de Soto, Los Angeles, CA

Object Lessons, Two Person Show, University Art Gallery, CSUDH, Carson, CA
2005     Good Living, de Soto, Los Angeles, CA

All Through the House, Metro Gallery Pasadena, CA

Time Line, ONE Gallery, Palms Springs, CA
2003     Lifestyle, Gallery 825, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA

Three Decades of Design, Risk Art Press, West Hollywood, CA
2002     Dress, Metro Gallery, Pasadena, CA




2017       Print Project, Advanced Graphics London England
2016      Visiting Artist Award, Flying Horse Editions, Orlando FL
2016      Print Project, Serio Press Los Angeles, CA
2015      Etching Project, Wingate Studio, Hinsdale, NH
2015      Print Project, Serio Press, Los Angeles, CA
2014      Outstanding Book of the Year Award, Gold Medal Independent Spirit Category



The Flint Institute of Art


Lady Helen Rosslyn, London England

Gordon Cooke, London England

Mariska Hargitay & Peter Hermann, New York, NY

Robin and Fred Seegal New York, NY

Rainn Wilson & Holiday Reinhorn, Los Angeles CA

Olivia Walton, Bentonville AK

Penny Vinik, Tampa FL

Matthew & Nichole Lester Birmingham MI

Jonathan & Sherry Bood , Birmingham MI

Mr Taragh Mulvany, Concord MA

Seymour & Rita Cohen, Chicago IL

Kayte & Kelsey Grammer, Los Angeles, CA



2008, Crown Point Press, Etching workshop, San Francisco, CA

2007, Art Center at Night, Printmaking General Studies and Studio, Pasadena, CA

2005, Art Center at Night, Branding for the Art Market, Pasadena, CA

2000-2001, Private study, Modern Multiples, Silkscreen studio and technique, Los Angeles, CA

1999-2001, Private Study, Hee Sook Kim Studio, Printmaking Studio, New York, NY

1995, Otis Parsons, Painting, Los Angeles, CA

1992-1995, Private Study, Michael Tracy, Painting, Pasadena, CA

1988-1990, California State University Long Beach, Fashion Design, Fine Art, Painting, Long Beach, CA

1985-1990, Central Michigan University, Fashion Design, Fine Art Program, Mt. Pleasant, MI

The paintings for which Kelly Reemtsen is best known are elaborate depictions of the role of the modern day woman.

Strikingly feminine at first glance, with their bodies adorned in fashionable designer dresses and runway-worthy accessories, Reemtsen’s women are not simply pinup girls or arm candy. Rather, the women, while dressed to the nines, undertake household, and often, traditionally masculine tasks. The objects they hold, from dishrags to wrenches to chainsaws, range from domestic to menacing, and yet, as a body of work, address the question of the proper role of the contemporary woman. Reemtsen’s answer to that is quite simple – anything! Anonymous torsos, the women remain beautiful representations of the feminine with which anyone can identify.

In terms of technique, Reemtsen’s work, with its thick impasto, represents a masterly handling of paint, which can be seen throughout her oeuvre of women, as well as other subjects including designer furniture and pills.