The images in this series are a typological study of the plants, animals, and insects Joshua come across in his daily life and travels, and are captured with his iPhone; he says, “is a tool that seems fitting, serving as a way to bridge my distracted life and my love of science and nature”. Growing up he would lie on his stomach and watch ants crawling through the grass for hours. He remembers catching June bugs off of his mother’s wild roses in a Styrofoam cup, and finding box turtles in the gravel pit near his house. “I still love hearing the cicadas come out in summer, getting tobacco juice from a grasshopper on my fingers, and catching lightning bugs in a pickle jar.”

In these small pieces he manages to shine a light on the simple beauty in tiny forms, that he says, “ We take for granted our place in nature, trading sensitivity to our surroundings for greater productivity and progress.”

Joshua White uses photography, sculpture, and digital technology to address themes of memory, loss, science, and nature. He received his MFA from Arizona State University and lives and works in West Jefferson, NC. He is an Assistant Professor of Art at Appalachian State University.