Page Bond Gallery is thrilled to present another strong body of work from Isabelle Abbot with her new exhibition, A World. Abbot uses paint as an “investigative tool” to explore the essential qualities of the landscapes in her compositions. To Isabelle, each painting answers questions about one’s relationship to the environment, atmosphere and topography of a given setting. Through editing and paring down extraneous detail, Abbot’s work embodies the qualities of what is essential and unique about a particular place and time. Abbot’s work meditates strongly upon the idea of place, and how we form memories and attachment to land through generations of regional habitation. In this collection, Abbot explores the variety of landscapes that touch her life at a time when the environment feels fragile and ephemeral. 

Abbot received her BA from the University of Virginia studying with painters Richard Crozier and Philip Geiger. She earned her MFA in Painting from the University of North Carolina, Greensboro in 2011. She has exhibited in both group and solo exhibitions along the east coast since 2006, and has exhibited with Page Bond Gallery since 2013. She is in many public and private collections and has been a visiting lecturer at UVA and Bridgewater College as well as a visiting artist at Crawford College of Art and Design in Cork, Ireland. In 2011, Abbot returned to Virginia to teach as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Virginia. She currently resides and exhibits in central Virginia.