Carol Mickett and Robert Stackhouse – NEW WEDU PBS Series

Featuring the work of artists and climate activists Carol Mickett and Robert Stackhouse, High Water Marks is a digital series exploring how art and activism intersect to bring awareness and understanding to issues facing our environment.

Carol Mickett and Robert Stackhouse have been making art collaboratively for over 22 years. They make two and three-dimensional place-appropriate art focusing on water and water-related issues.

High Water Marks will be an 8-part series WEDU (PBS) is doing on Carol Mickett & Robert Stackhouse’s art and climate change. New episodes premiere every two weeks. 

Link to watch the first episode:


Carol Mickett on the series – 

It is so amazing that “WEDU recognizes the importance of ART as a conduit to engagement with science, the environment, social issues, and all matters of life. We are proud to be part of the conversation.”