Peter Cochrane: Museum of Contemporary Photography Chicago

Page Bond Gallery congratulates Peter Cochrane with the exciting news his work will be in included in the exhibition, Beyond The Frame, opening at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago the summer of 2022.


Richmond, artist, Peter Cochrane is a studio-based, still life photographer and site-specific installation artist who uses photography for its unique, flattening nature, to find new information and forms when translating three dimensions into two.


The museum’s press release states: “Our interactions with images help shape our experience of the world. From storytelling to journalism, expressions of selfhood to shedding light on social issues, photographs have infinite capacities to engage, communicate, and convey. Yet the way we see an image reflects our individual perceptions and histories. Although photographs are often considered documents of real moments in time, we should look carefully, considering not only the choices made by the photographer but also how those choices influence our interpretations. With billions of images produced and shared each day, discerning how we read pictures has become vitally important—especially with representations of historical events, notions of identity, and shared human experiences all in play.


Beyond the Frame spotlights the MoCP’s permanent collection of more than 16,500 works as a rich resource for harnessing visual literacy skills. Each gallery features works focused on critical topics that appear over and over again in the history of the medium, such as Portraiture and the Human Subject, Landscape and Place, and Staged and Constructed Images. By placing works by historical and contemporary, local and international artists together according to distinct themes, we invite you to look with awareness, and when you re-enter the image-saturated world beyond the museum’s walls, to pursue thoughtful, questioning engagement with the visual depictions you encounter. There is always more to the story beyond the frame.”


For more information about the exhibition please visit the museum’s website: