Page Bond Gallery is pleased to present HOT! HOT! HOT! a summer group exhibition featuring work by Will Berry, Steve Bickley, Jim Bumgardner, Laurie Fisher, John Grant, Roberto Jamora, Samuel Levi Jones, Jaydan Moore, Kelly Reemtsen, Charlotte Rodenberg, Fiona Ross, Anne Smith, Sayaka Suzuki, Ryan Syrell, Sophie Treppendahl, Alex Waggoner, Randy Wilkinson, William Wylie, and Sarah Yoder. The opening reception is Thursday, July 12 from 6 to 8pm and the exhibitions are on view through August 31, 2018.

HOT! HOT! HOT! is Page Bond Gallery’s annual group exhibition that brings together work by 18 artists in a range of media that celebrates the atmosphere and spirit of summer. The exhibition roster is a mix of long-term gallery artists such as Will Berry, Steve Bickley, Jaydan Moore, Fiona Ross, and William Wylie and artists new to the gallery, including Laurie Fisher, Samuel Levi Jones, Charlotte Rodenberg, Anne Smith, and Sophie Treppendahl. The exhibition highlights work that is bright, colorful, and reflective of summer’s hazy longer days and slower pace.

Roberto Jamora paints in an effort to record his memories of place and personal experience. He uses color to reference “skin tones, days at the beach, climbing a mountain with a lover, my parents’ backyard, a city sidewalk, the bayous in Louisiana where my ancestors once lived.” Abstract gradients are interrupted with linear squiggles that give the illusion of revealing new layers of colors underneath the surface. The paintings are visual interpretations of specific memories as well as the act of remembering.

Charlotte Rodenberg works with a select iconography, layered and repeated in her energetic screenprints, to convey “symbolic, political, and spiritual relationships.” Rodenberg uses composition, color, and various printmaking techniques to create multi-dimensional spaces and abstract landscapes for her cast of archetypal characters, which includes a 1950s pin-up woman, a man on a horse, a goat, and children walking.

Sophie Treppendahl works with a palette of electric colors to create the experience of spending sun-drenched days at the pool. She carefully arranges elements like pool noodles, hoses, ladders, and rippling water to compose paintings that almost make tangible the smell of chlorine and sunscreen.